About Me


I am a software engineer & entrepreneur. I work with companies — generally remotely — to build software and software engineering teams.

I started programming in 2002 building tools for the (physical world) business I was running, and to explore a hobby interest in cryptography. I transitioned to programming full time / professionally in 2009. Initially working for several startups, and then building a consultancy where I helped companies implement software, or expand their technical teams. Then I accepted a role as CTO for a mid-sized (50MM/yr) company with a troubled in-house software system, following which I built a consultancy around DevOps and Kubernetes. Then, finding the world not yet ready for Kubernetes (or the other way around) I pivoted the business into a custom software development shop. I closed that business in January 2018 to focusing on delivering value directly, and personally, and to have more time for my own technical explorations.


Family is important to me. I am a husband and father. My wife and I where both homeschooled, and we homeschool our four children. We use our own methods, something between Waldorf, and unschooling. I am a polymath: building a house, bridge, or road, designing a solar installation, felling trees, cutting lumber, breeding, growing, and slaughtering livestock, automotive repairs, cooking, wildcrafting etc. are just normal things that I enjoy doing, along with reading great books and anything that grows our independence & resilience. My family and I are also digital nomads, moving, and traveling frequently.


This section is my "NOW" page a Derek Sivers idea which I heartily agree with.

Following a year (2019) of traveling throughout the western half of the United States while "roadschooling" our four kids. My family and I have returned to one of our favorite spots, the Flathead Valley in northwest Montana.

I am currently working closely with several companies and am spending more time writing — both software and English — which will be coming soon to this blog.

I am also looking for additional companies to work with. If you are interested please drop me a line at contact@jordanschatz.com