Do you have software that needs to be written, or a software engineering team that would like to level up their skills?

You should work with me.

Why work with me:

Some of the ways working with me is different than working with most agencies or consultants:

Most agencies follow a formula — a project manager or account rep sits between you and their developers to translate your needs to the development team, and to translate the developer's tech speak back to you. They bill by the hour, the more the better, and they charge a house rate. The faster they can grow — the better.

I do things differently.

There are no project managers between you and the people doing the work. I will help you define your project and communicate with other technical people, if other technical people are needed, and if the communication help is desired.

I charge differently, and never a "house rate". When it is just me, then it is just my rate. When other team members are involved, you receive their individual rates, applicable to their experience.

You can level up what you pay for at any time. Pay for results instead of time.

We will never grow beyond where I can oversee each project, and the quality of the software produced.

Small team. Reliable execution. Frugal with your money.

Does this sound interesting? drop me a line and tell me about your project.

Are you an exceptional developer?

Do you want to work on projects that people care about?

Does how we work resonate with you?

If so, please tell me about yourself, your goals, rate, and availability. We hire slowly and limit the team size. However if we can't work with you right now, I can often connect you with others you need your talents.