About Me

I am a software engineer & entrepreneur. I work with companies to build software and software engineering teams.

I started programming in 2002 to build tools for the business I was running, and to explore a hobby interest in cryptography. I transitioned to programming full time / professionally in 2009. Initially working for several startups, and then building a consultancy where I helped companies implement software, or expand their technical teams. Then I accepted a role as CTO for a mid-sized (50MM/yr) company with a troubled in-house software system, following which I built a consultancy around DevOps and Kubernetes, and then helped build a freelancing platform.

Now I am back to running my own, small, focused, software development company.

Family is important to me. I am a husband and father. My wife and I where both home schooled, and we home school our five children. We live off grid, in a house we built, way up in the mountains of Montana. We also travel frequently.