Hosting Price Comparison


Hosting is generally a small part of a project's cost, but it is a cost that all projects have, and is worth optimizing. It also tends to grow

For our price comparison we'll use an example machine: 8 cores, 32 GB RAM, which is substantially more than most projects start with, but is a good example of a workhorse server for a production machine.

Brand CPU RAM Storage Price
OVH 4c / 8t 32 GB RAM 4 TB $39.59
Digital Ocean 8 vCPUs 32 GB RAM 640 GB SSD $160.00
Google Cloud 8 vCPUs 32 GB RAM sold separately $195.52
AWS 8 vCPUs 32 GB RAM sold separately $221.76
Microsoft Azure 8 vCPUs 32 GB RAM 200 GB $341.64

The numbers are pretty revealing — "bare-metal" hosting is 4-8x cheaper than cloud hosting. If you are going with cloud hosting, Digital Ocean offers a distinct advantage.

Bare-metal hosting has several additional advantages:

Digital Ocean is another good option. Besides beating out the competition in price you get: